Elemtuaz Aljadeed Pharmaceuticals company (EPC) for importing medicine and medical equipments was established in 1999 under commercial registration number (2013) and a capital of 10.000.000 LYD which is increasable upon need. The company is registered according to the Libyan laws and regulations which allows it to work and exercise its activities to the fullest; which enabled us to obtain several local and international medical franchises and distribution exclusivity in Libya as follows:


- Pfizer company (Belgium) since 2005.

- Zagro company (Singapore) since 2003.

- Lamons company (Spain) since 2005.

- Jovet company (Jordan) since 2002.

- Heropharm (Egypt) since 2002.

- Norbrook company ( Ireland ) since 2003.

- Chemovet company ( Jordin ) since 2005.

- Bavet company ( Turkey ) since 2010.

- Vilsan company ( Turky ) since 2011.


Plus many more other local and international companies including the distribution for the Libyan government on several occasions.


Elemtuaz Aljadeed company is one of the biggest and better companies in Libya in the Veterinary medicine which we specialized in since the beginning. Our experience and expertise is mainly due to our top management and staff that made it their business to satisfies our customers and serve the local market with high standards and specifications.


We are always pushing ourselves to new standards and goals to serve our community and rise above all challenges.